Embrace The Future


To evangelize and disciple the youth and young adults within our congregation and in  the surrounding community.

Path To Success:

Recruit and hire an Assistant Pastor at NOCC to build a vibrant youth and young adult discipleship program.

The decision by our session elders, at the recommendation of our strategy team, is to engage in a capital campaign to reduce our mortgage debt. This will enable us to hire the Assistant Pastor to minister to our growing congregation.

The goal is to raise $400,000 in 24 months, with the majority of the funds to be received before September 2016. The early receipt of funds will allow us to reduce and refinance the current mortgage, lowering monthly payments, and enabling NOCC to cover a significant cost of the new Assistant Pastor.

Let us all be on our knees before God, seeking His will and our response to this call. Our goal is kingdom building, and the means to that end is a short-term capital campaign

On September 13th, Steve C. gave his testimony to how God has used the ministry of North Oaks to impact his family.  Click here to listen.

On September 13th, Greg Neislar presented a summary of the Embrace the Future Campaign.  Click here to listen.

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