Getting Well (3D Vision)

Tonight was another great evening of worship. The question for tonight was “Do you want to get well?” The scripture was the story of the man that had been suffering for 38 years and could not get into the pool and how Jesus healed him.

You’ll see in the photo, the cross covered in multi colored band aids. These were symbolic of an area, or areas, in our lives where we are in need of healing. We were given an opportunity to spend time in prayer, either alone, with a leader or with friends, so that we could confront our burden and eventually lay it at the foot of the cross. This was a tough and emotional task for some, and I am very proud of the courage shown to step out and admit struggles and to ask for prayer. I am also proud of the way that our teens gather around each other, pray for one another and encourage each other. It is awesome to see God working that way in our young adults!


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