Work or Worship

The work today was good and it was productive. However, it is not going to be the focus of this post. Tonight was all about worship and so is this post.

Our teens led worship during the evening program tonight, and it was awesome. From the song choices by the camp director to the way they were delivered, each aspect was glorifying to God in it’s own way. This set the tone and prepared our hearts for the rest of the evening.

Brad, our camp director, gave a talk on fear. He shared with us the story of Jesus and his disciples in the boat as a storm came upon them and the fear that the disciples had. He wanted us to see how Christ wants us to have faith and know that He is always with us, even when we fear something. He encouraged us to take our deep seated fears and to lay them at the foot of the cross.

When the evening program was over, Brad invited all of us to stay and spend some time praying and talking with Jesus. We had groups of teens gathering together and praying over one another and many spending time alone with God. It was an awesome thing to be apart of.

We wrapped up our night with debrief time with just our group. We spent time talking about fears that we had laid at the cross and ways in which we had seen God at work throughout our day. At the end of our discussion we lifted our voices in praise and sang multiple worship songs to our great God and prayed that we would glorify Him in all that we do throughout our week.

As I said at the beginning, the work was good, but the worship was awesome!



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