We made it

We made it to Newark! We had a great travel day with just a couple of minor glitches. Emily H had a run in with her seat belt and the belt won. The belt decided it no longer wanted to unlatch and also tighten at the same time, leaving Emily trapped in her seat. A short swim through a sea of luggage to retrieve a few tools and she was free! Just in time for lunch. A little later in the trip, the trailer wires decided they did not want to stay attached to their soul mate and parted ways. Thanks to the earlier trailer swim, we had the tools and were ready to reconnect the unhappy pair. An awl, utility knife, needle nose pliers and some electrical tape was all we needed to head back out on the open road. All in all, the sun was shining, traffic and construction were nonexistent and God was watching over us. It has truly been a glorious day!

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